13 Nov

The advantages of server colocation for businesses

Setting up your own data centre to host your servers can be a costly and unnecessary expense for small businesses that only have a few servers or users. Although it’s important to ensure your mission critical infrastructure is secure and available when you need it, there are plenty of alternative hosting methods to help you do this whilst avoiding the costs of self-managed hosting. If you don’t have the budget or needs for a self-managed data centre, server colocation could provide the cost-efficient and flexible option you need to host your mission critical infrastructure in a safe location.

What is server colocation?

Server colocation is a type of web hosting solution whereby, instead of setting up your own data centre to host your servers in-house, you rent rackspace from a third-party hosting service provider in a data centre outside of your business’ location. Whilst you still need to purchase your server and oversee the installation and maintenance of your own software, the hosting service providers will provide the rack-space, power, cooling systems, and physical security you require. In this sense, you are “co-locating” your own equipment and renting the space to house it within an external data centre. Depending on your individual hosting service provider, your business will generally be charged a monthly fee for the rackspace and physical management of the servers. Colocation can provide an ideal web hosting solution for small businesses or organisations who don’t have the space, budget and equipment to host their servers in-house.

The benefits of server colocation

Cost-efficiency:  With server colocation, you will be sharing hosting costs with other businesses and servers hosted in the same colocation centre. Since cooling systems, network and bandwidth are provided by the hosting service provider, you won’t need to worry about the cost and logistics of setting these elements up yourself. The resources and money you would spend on setting up your own data centre can then be reinvested elsewhere in the business.

Security: External colocation centres often offer a more secure location for your business to relocate its mission critical infrastructure. Many of these third-party data centres offer additional levels of physical security such as CCTV monitoring, lockable cabinets, security guards, and virtual network security in the form of shared firewalls.

Control: Whilst colocation offers a safe place to host your servers, your business will remain in control when it comes to the maintenance and configuration of your own servers.

Flexibility: Colocation offers a more flexible and tailored solution for business who require smaller levels of rackspace. Whilst organisations can usually rent full, half or partial cabinets, you only need to rent the rackspace you require.  Should your business expand and require more servers or space, you have the option to upgrade your rackspace accordingly.

Colocation solutions with Uniscope

Looking for a reliable web hosting solution without the costs and stress of self-managed data centres? Uniscope is a WA based service provider that offers rackspace in a number of data centres located across the East and West coast of Australia. As a small and local service provider, we can tailor our colocation solutions to suit Australian businesses of any size.

For more information about Uniscope’s unique web hosting solutions, get in touch with the team today via our website to find out how we can help your business.

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