26 Dec

Growing digital trends for businesses in 2018

As we head towards the end of 2017, it’s time to reflect on yet another year of digital transformation for Australian businesses. From cloud computing to AR experiences, the latest advancements in technology and digital applications are changing the way consumers interact with the digital word. This, in turn, is changing the way we do business in Australia. With more and more consumers engaging with businesses online, it has become more important than ever for organisations to harness the power of the Internet and its many possibilities. So how is the digital transformation affecting Australian businesses? And why high quality Internet solutions are a necessity for commercial enterprises?

What’s (digitally) trending for businesses?

Digital applications and the AR experience: We’ve already seen virtual and augmented reality take the gaming industry by storm, but businesses are now realising the commercial value of the VR and AR experience. From online training to immersive marketing campaigns, augmented reality is beginning to change the way businesses interact with employees and consumers alike. A recent example is IKEA’s new augmented reality app, IKEA Place, which lets customers virtually place IKEA furniture in their own space at home. In the coming year and beyond, we will see more businesses embrace these digital trends to drive sales and deliver an immersive online experience for customers.

Continued move to the cloud: With businesses developing more complex digital applications and services, organisations need a way to store important online data and products. This has led to a greater move towards cloud, and even edge, computing. Cloud computing services such as IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service) allow businesses to access, host, test, and deploy new products without the delay of setting up their own on-site infrastructure. As businesses continue to go digital, no doubt cloud computing will become of even greater importance for Australian organisations. For information about Uniscope’s IaaS hosting solutions, visit the Uniscope website or get in contact with our team.

Increased focus on web-based communication: The increasing digitisation of businesses isn’t just affecting how organisations communicate with consumers, it’s also impacting how businesses communicate internally. For global and remote businesses in particular, traditional phone systems are swiftly becoming irrelevant. With the move towards digital, businesses are now benefiting from more efficient and affordable web-based communication in the form of VoIP solutions. These solutions, which use the Internet to transit calls, are providing a flexible and more affordable way for employees to stay connected from different locations. Uniscope offer a range of VoIP solutions for Australian businesses looking to stay connected in today’s digital world.

Cyber-security is a must: As the digital world becomes more connected, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect their data and mission critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks. Organisations are looking for new and more secure ways to host and store online information, whether this be through private clouds or through more advanced hosting solutions.

Uniscope’s Internet solutions for businesses

With a growing number of consumers engaging with Australian brands online, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to go digital if they wish to remain competitive. Whether you require a new VoIP solution for your global business, a hosting solution to store your online data, or a more sophisticated Internet solution to meet the growing digital needs of your business, Uniscope offer a range of enterprise-grade Internet solutions to keep you connected and secure in Australia’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

For more information, view our Internet plans and pricing or contact our team today on 1300 000 864.

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