11 Dec

All about IaaS: the advantages of cloud computing

The rise in businesses looking to develop, deploy, and store online applications and data has led to an increase in demand for secure and cost-effective hosting solutions. IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, is a form of cloud computing that allows businesses to access and store computing resources in a virtualized environment (you’ve probably heard of “the cloud”) without the need to setup and deploy their own data centre infrastructure. So how does IaaS compare to other cloud computing services? And what are the benefits of cloud hosting solutions over on-site data centres?

How does IaaS work?

IaaS provides companies with access to virtualized computing resources via the Internet. With IaaS, a third-party cloud provider will host and manage the virtual server space, storage systems, and network security you require. This leaves you (the client) to configure and manage your own operating systems and online applications.  In this sense, IaaS differs from other categories of cloud computing – Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) – whereby your operating systems and (in the case of SaaS) your applications are managed for you. IaaS allows businesses to host websites, test online applications, and deploy new products and services without the hosting costs and delay times associated with setting up their on-site data centre.

Advantages of IaaS for businesses

Availability – The great thing about IaaS is that it is ready when you need it. This makes it an ideal hosting solution for businesses looking to test and deploy apps or services without the delay of setting up their own internal hosting infrastructure. With IaaS, companies can rapidly deploy new products and deliver them to the market faster.

Flexibility and scalability: Since IaaS is ready as and when you need it, this makes it an ideal hosting solutions for businesses with unpredictable or fluctuating workloads. IaaS will commonly function on a pay-as-you-go basis, which allows businesses to scale up resources to accommodate expansion and increased consumer demand.

Cost-efficiency: With IaaS, you not only avoid the costs of setting up and managing your own on-site data centre, you also only pay for the resources you use. Depending on your individual service provider, you will typically operate on a pay-per-use basis, which can work out a lot cheaper than managing your own servers in-house.

Accessibility: A significant advantage of IaaS is that your virtualized resources (apps, data etc.) can be accessed from any location providing a reliable Internet connection is available.

Manageability: With IaaS, the underlying hardware you require will be set up and managed by your cloud provider. This saves you the time, money and stress of managing and maintaining hardware in-house.

Uniscope’s Australian hosting solutions

Uniscope are a WA based telecommunications company offering a range of Internet and hosting solutions for businesses across Australia. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable hosting solution with a high-quality service provider, Uniscope offer IaaS and colocation rack space in a number of national data centres.

For more information about our hosting services, or for advice on which hosting solution best meets your needs, contact the team at Uniscope today.

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