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At Uniscope Communications we specialise in creating custom network solutions tailored to each and every customer need. With a dedicated data centre in Perth, WA and multiple points of presence around Australia, our reach is total. With our robust, fault tolerant network built on the latest Juniper and Cisco equipment we can offer scalable networks of any size and configuration. Whether it be NBN, ADSL, EFM, Fibre, PtP Wireless, 4G we have a solution.

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Voip Solutions

Uniscope Communications can offer extremely competitive VOIP solutions. Utilising Uniscope’s custom cloud VOIP solution it has never been easier to make the switch to VOIP and save money. Interested in getting a better deal than your current Telecommunications provider is offering? Have a look at our Plans & Pricing page and compare!

Uniscope Communication VOIP Solution for Business - Caller id Landline Phone
Uniscope Communication VOIP Solution - Asterisk
Uniscope Communication VOIP Solution for Business

Cloud Solutions and Hosting

Uniscope Communications have hosting solutions available in a number of established data centres nationally with East/West (SydPerth) redundancy available. So if you have concerns about the security and safety of your mission critical applications and equipment why not host it with us? Customers can have direct access to their hosted server and can log tickets to our 24×7 service desk.

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Have you ever thought of relocating your mission critical infrastructure to a secure datacentre but have been concerned about the potential cost? Uniscope currently has rack space available. Make contact with one of our team and you will be suprised how cost effective it is. Uniscope also offers integration into our network backbone to provide high speed VPN services between your workplace and your critical equipment.

Uniscope Communication Colocation - Office
Uniscope Communication Colocation - Data Center Office
Uniscope Communication Colocation - Data Center Command Room Gallery

Mobile Data Solutions

Through our solutions partner Focal Energy, we have teamed up to offer a unique mobile telecommunications and security tower solution. This autonomous unit has its own power, data connectivity, security cameras, and light. This gives the unit the ability to be dropped anywhere and provide perpetual work light, data connectivity and security monitoring. This innovative product has been patented, field tested and is now in production. Get in touch with us if you would like to discover this exciting new product!

Uniscope Communication Data Connectivity Panels
Uniscope Communication Security Camera
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