Founded in 2012, Uniscope knows what it takes to deliver world-class services and can provide a solution to meet your needs. We work with all our customers to design and implement cutting-edge ICT solutions across Australia. This means that you will receive a low cost, reliable service that will make a tangible difference to your business.

Uniscope always puts the customer first. When you need help, you can depend on friendly, practical advice from Uniscope.  Our customer service team ensures you can speak to an expert anytime for advice and guidance to resolve a problem.

Uniscope uses its experience to react to the things businesses really need from their communications providers. Every product is developed to the highest standards, creating feature-rich services that deliver tangible value.

Our service blends market-leading technology, which means we can provide the best, reliable systems and tailor them to your business immediately.

Unsiscope is 100% financially independent with no outside funding and has grown at a rate of 75% over the last 3 years. You can be assured that Unsicope is stable and continues to succeed through innovation.

Our Infrastructure

Uniscope Network Infrastructure

Uniscope Communication Colocation - Office

Uniscope owns and manages its own network infrastructure which consists of a national wired and wireless environment with multiple IP transit gateways, core routers, physical switching and cloud environments for our software defined networking objects. This is all spread across three key national data centres on both the east & west coasts of Australia.

Our network core is built on the latest hardware from Juniper which brings the capacity, stability, flexibility and uptime that is expected from a premier ISP.

At Uniscope we are constantly investing in greater reach which brings access, control, performance and ultimately value to the people that matter most, our customers.

Industry Experience

Our innovative team is the best and brightest in the industry

Industry Experience - Our innovative team is the best and brightest in the industry

Uniscope delivers reliable, secure solutions that encourage growth and cost reduction by capitalising on its experience in the following areas:

  • Wireless, NBN, Fibre, EFM, ADSL
  • Wireless Communications Towers
  • Asterisk PBX servers
  • CCTV solutions
  • VoIP telephones and cloud hosted PBX’s

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